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[10 Apr 2005|04:28pm]
[ mood | loved ]

sorry i didnt update yesterday i was busy busy busy teehee...lets see yesterday i went to the mall w/ brenda and amanda...it was cool, i bought a shirt...


... some capris...


cute huh..lol...neways l8r on we met up w/ brad, todd, & billy n eventually went to the movies...oh yh me n brad go out now im so happy!! hehee

heres a picture of my babbbby!

dnt ask me what hes doin coz i honestly have no idea hehehehe but hes still hottt lol! anyway today has been borein as heck n idk wat else 2 talk about so im gone, love ya lots!

5| C0MM3NT <3333

[08 Apr 2005|05:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today was greeeeeeeat. we got to talk alllll day in the gym. me, linda, lisa, billy, mary-ann, sylvia, brittany, todd, and brad all were hanging out. man i love them kids he-he ;o)

BrAd MaN 445: your so hotttt

hahahhahhha how cutee <33 i love you too brad. well mrs tams was being really mean to me today she wuld always yell at me and nobody else...lol o well im over it...ummm im going to brenda's house tonight and we are goin' to the movies w/ brad, amanda, and stephen. should be loads of fun :o))

thats it byeeee heheheghe

C0MM3NT <3333

[07 Apr 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

today was borein n i didnt wanna go to school at all...but i guess it was ok, considering maxine and rachel where actaully there today hehehe kidding ilu guys. this is my new journal, u lyk? lol yh mee to, well i dont have much time to update so update again later!!

<33 lu-lu

C0MM3NT <3333

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